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Will It Take Long To Grow Your Beard?


A very popular question that most men have about their facial hair is how long will it take for their beard to grow. That is not an easy question to have an answer for due to the fact that several factors can affect hair growth.

Overall health and nutrition

Apparently using facial hair growth products work, but if you eat a healthful diet, work out and avoid anxiety, your beard will grow more quickly than it would if you did not do these things.

Existence in the body of toxins. If you smoke, use drugs, or set other dangerous materials into your body, it can impede the development of your beard.

Genetics. We’ll talk more about it in a minute, but there is a genetic component to facial hair.

Guys with full black hair will grow a beard faster than men with fragile blond hair. Lighter hair may take more time to develop before it starts to look like a full, manly, dark beard.

Understanding Genetic Variables

How important are genetic factors as it pertains to beard growth? This is one of those questions that is hard to answer because it can vary from man to man. It’s likely you will be able to grow a beard easily also if your dad has thick hair and a beard.

Genetics can also play a role in the pattern of hair growth.

If you’ve never had a beard before, the best way to learn how long it will take to build one is to stop shaving. Every man differs. On average, though, you can anticipate that it’ll take to grow a full beard. That’s not the case. You mightn’t be spending time shaving, but it’s still important to be well-groomed.